Sierra Climbing Trip in 2022

Betsy and I went on an epic week-long climbing trip in the Sierra at the end of May and beginning of June. We climbed three tall peaks, each via a steep chute topped by a summit plateau and summit pyramid. Here is what we did each day.

Day 0 (May 30): Drive from Del Mar to Lone Pine. Climb giant boulders in the Alabama Hills, and camp at “secluded” Campsite 39 in the Whitney Portal Campground.

Day 1 (May 31): Backpack up the Meysan Lakes Trail from the trailhead at 7,900 ft to Meysan Lake at 11,446 ft. This takes us 9 hours, including finding a good campsite. Online blogs say that the distance is 6 miles, but Betsy’s GPS says it is 7 miles. I packed up this trail in 1978 with Mary, my brother Jay, and climbing buddy Don McEachern.

Day 2 (June 1): Climb Mt Irvine, at 13,770 ft, in 12-and-a-half hours. Betsy’s GPS says that the day’s distance is 10 miles.

Day 3 (June 2): Climb Lone Pine Peak, at 12,944 ft, in 12 hours, 45 minutes. Betsy’s GPS says that the day’s distance is 9 miles.

Day 4 (June 3): Relax, read, and hike on a rest day.

Day 5 (June 4): Climb Mt Mallory, at 13,850 ft, in 12-and-a-half hours. Betsy’s iPhone battery is dead, so we don’t have a GPS distance, but it is probably 10 miles. I climbed Mts Mallory and LeConte in a single day with Mary, Jay, and Don in 1978.

Day 6 (June 5): Backpack out in 4 hours. I drive home, while Betsy joins her friend Emily for another climbing trip 🙂

Photos and commentary follow.